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      聯系我們Contact Us


      聯 系 人 :王先生

      手      機:13921880911

      傳      真:86 0515 88663288

      郵      編:224022

      網      址:http://www.sunsetplayland.com

      地      址:中國 江蘇 鹽城市鹽都區 義豐鎮朝陽新路8號

      ABOUT US/公司介紹


        "Fiat" company was founded in 2006, since the founding of our company we are specialized in the production of non stick paint, ceramics, enamel products spraying of special equipment, for non stick industry equipment, tired of rich experience in production practice, can according to customer's requirement, with professional technical experience and ability to develop customized design the required equipment.

           主要產品和服務項目為:Major products and services:

           1、不粘漆自動噴涂生產線        non stick paint automatic spraying production line, ceramic

                陶瓷不粘自動噴涂生產線     non stick automatic spraying production line

           2、鋁搪瓷噴涂生產線               aluminum enamel coating production line

           3、鋁鍋清洗烘干流水線           boiler cleaning and drying production line

           4、釬焊生產線                         brazing production line

           5、粉末噴涂烘干生產線           powder spray drying production line

           6、其它散熱器非標設備的設計及制作     other non-standard equipment design and production of heat sink


           direct combustion waste gas burning waste heat recovery and utilization system.

           8、改造工程技術服務               the transformation of engineering and technical services

           9、售后“三包”服務及長期供應配件。    after sales "three packs" service and long-term supply of spare parts.


      全國服務熱線: 139-2188-0911

      地址: 江蘇省鹽城市鹽都區義豐鎮朝陽新路8號